Be honest with yourself in order to grow.

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May 8, 2017 0 Comments

“To be successful, you’ve got to be honest with yourself.”  Vince Lombardi

You can learn something new everyday, when your truly honest with yourself and you have an open mind. Then only you will grow and keep on learning.

Being honest with yourself, must me one of the hardest things to do. So, not fun… to inspect ourselves and admit to our faults and shortcomings! It’s easy to just live in denial and see and hear what we want to. Its not hard to see other peoples faults and ignore our own. Often times we make mistakes in life and try to put the blame on others. This can easily result in a pattern of playing the victim in life. Everyone else is wrong and we are always right. Something I also had to learn the hard way… there is nothing wrong with making mistakes and not being perfect! No one is! We are all just human. It is important not to sink into self pity and only focus on your mistakes! Learn, grow and move on.

I have learned over the years that feeling sorry four yourself will get you nowhere! Everyday try to learn something new. If somebody hurts you or even if you face a great disappointment, don’t just fall into the habit of only looking at what everyone else did wrong. Then you will focus on the hurt and not on the lesson! Inspect yourself with honesty in every situation. “Is there anything that  might have been my own fault?” “Is there a possibility that I could have dealt with the situation in a different way?” There is a difference between being over-critical and just being honest. Don’t be to critical and then walk away with low self esteem! No.. rather take the lesson, remember that you are just human like everyone else and move one!


Honesty is about the scars….  Admit to it, ask forgiveness, learn, grow and move on. Being mindful of learning daily lessons allows us to be open to change and growth.

There is something beautiful in being truly honest with yourself and embracing who you truly are. The good, bad and ugly. This is such an important example to set to our kids.

To learn to embrace our true-selves. Except who we are and loving ourselves, but also to recognize our faults, be honest about them and keep on growing.

” So remember this my beautiful little boy… Saying sorry, admitting to your faults and shortcomings are definitely not a weakness. This makes you brave and strong! Be honest with yourself and others. Learn something new everyday and then you will be able to grow!”

Love Mommy x0x0(Life according to mommy)