A Busy Moms Guide To De-Cluttering: Seven Tips To A Clutter Free Home

December 14, 2016 1 Comments

It’s that time of year again, where the bee in the bonnet is telling you to spring-clean, get rid of all the “stuff” that’s piled up throughout the year, and find your zen again.

A cluttered home really can lead to a cluttered mind, so let’s clear out the clutter,  find some space and some peace, and bring in the end of the year on the right note!

So let’s jump right in it with the following seven handy helper tips.


1-      Prepare Yourself

Before you begin, understand that a thorough de-cluttering process will take time, effort, and likely involve the entire family. You will also need to make some tough calls on what to keep and what to move on. Everyone in the home should be encouraged to part with their own unused belongings with a spirit of generosity, rather than with a sense of loss.


Stunning nursery organising via Two twenty One


2-      Understand Your Space

Clutter to one is high fashion to another. It is of great importance to understand your own sense of style, and more importantly, the style you want to achieve in your home. A clean cut style will have very little clutter, while a more bohemian style will have far more layers.


Check out these beautiful labels from Creativity Exchange.

3-      Start With The End In Mind

The best way to de-clutter a space is to start by removing everything from the space so that you work from a blank canvas.

toysImage via Boxwood Clippings 

4-      De-Clutter Item By Item Rather Than Room By Room

Instead of focussing on one room at a time, rather tackle your home de-cluttering project by focussing on a category at a time. For example, when you are sorting through books, go through the entire house and decide which books to keep and which books to move on.


DIY mason jars via Haute & Healthy Living

5-      Categorise

To help you decide what to do with all your possessions, create three separate categories.

1-      Keep. These items will be kept in your home and placed in the most desirable location.

2-      Purge. These items hold little to no value, such as rubbish and broken goods.

3-      Donate. These items are moved on to new homes, to people who have a greater need for them.


image via Best Friends for Frosting

6-      Understand The Spaces In Your Home

Surface areas are not for hoarding, and everything must have a space and a purpose.

A wall is there to divide a room area or support the roof, and not to hang every family photo ever taken. That is why we have photo albums. The same is true of surface areas. Most surface areas serve a definitive purpose, such as for a table setting, to work, or to prepare food. Keep these spaces free from clutter so that they can be used for their intended purpose.

It is also useful to create a definitive space for each item in your home, as this will keep clutter to a minimum in the future. For example, all keys should be placed on a key hook, and all hats on a hat stand and so on.


image via arianna belle the blog

7-      Ask Yourself 3 Questions While Sorting Through The Clutter:

–          Does it make me happy?

–          Will I miss it if it’s gone?

–          Have I used it in the last year?


DIY Animal jars via Bang on Style blog

I hope that you have enjoyed reading and implementing these tips as much as I have enjoyed sharing them with you.

And remember, the best place to start is always the beginning!

Happy Sorting,



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