Create your own joy: Life Lesson #1

January 4, 2017 0 Comments

We can choose to be happy or not in every moment, and no one can make us happy but ourselves.

Material things can give us passing pleasure and we can appreciate their beauty.  However, real happiness and joy literally come from within and are not dependent on anything at all. Joy is a natural state of being given to us by God. it takes allot of energy actually not to be joyful. As Children we are joyful beings. By living in this temporary world we learn to live like the world. We look around us, comparing ourselves to others, wanting more, wanting what we cant have, being what we are not. Simply by excepting who we are and being grateful, we will return into our natural state that is Joyful.

Joy is a decision and one you have to keep on reminding yourself everyday to choose. The attitude you take and the way you think about various situations will ultimately control how you feel.

We can experience joy by simply paying close attention to all the small moments in our everyday lives. Moments like hearing your kids laugh and play. Reading stories to them and cuddles. The smell of rain and the beauty of just looking outside and experience God’s creation.  Try to experience all these moments everyday will all of your senses.

Learn to be grateful and then it will be much easier to enjoy life.

Love Mommy xoxo

(Life according to mommy)