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I had the privilege to get an exclusive look at the new maternity range by designer Liezel Butler for HADAR.  I recall the constant struggle I had, finding beautiful and good quality clothes for my growing belly. At the end of the day, I was forced to make alternative plans like the hairband trick ( thats a real thing) and stretching my poor non-preggy clothes.


Designer, Liezel Butler recognized pregnant womens need for beautiful, high quality clothes with a design element that would still make you feel like the stylish woman you are and not just like a round ball in a tent of fabric.


Her new brainchild together with her business partner Piyush Bharti, HADAR ATELIER DESIGN, was born to dress expectant women in a sophisticated yet effortless style. “In our modern era, women have formed an integrated part of the corporate career sector, having to balance her life as both mother and professional,” Liezel describes.


We did a concept shoot for this beautiful new line with one of Mumu’s favourite moms, Yolande Koupis and another stunning Mumu on the move, Anri Powell.

Liezel would describe the HADAR consumer as a woman who is strong and ambitious, yet balances her life with the love and time she prioritises for her family. HADAR dresses her to always look well styled, professional, yet feminine and elegant.

What makes this line so unique is that it is designed to be worn by both expectant and non-expectant women.  The designs were created keeping in mind that women do not want to spend money on clothing they would only be able to wear for a few months during pregnancy.


What makes this line even more of a Mumu favourite is that all the designs were created to be comfortable during and after pregnancy, with some having breastfeeding features to help nurse your baby discreetly and without effort.

I definitely will be wearing HADAR before, during and after pregnancy!

Look out for HADAR’S official launch and online shop launching end of January 2017.

Elizabeth xxx


Meet the designer: Liezel Butler (HADAR ATELIER DESIGN)

Having completed her 5-year fashion studies in fashion design in South-Africa and Germany, she now hopes to inspire the new student talent while lecturing fashion at the Design School of Southern Africa. Liezel has always been fascinated with the way fabric would drape around the human body. As a kid she used to sew beautiful off-cut pieces of wedding dress lace onto her dolls to compensate for the boring doll clothes the stores sold. Today, she is still on-route to create beautiful and feminine designs for women to compensate for the boring mass-production the industry has to offer.