Jax and friends: “A Minty fresh playdate with June”

October 11, 2016 0 Comments

Baby Jax just loves playdates. I try to schedule a playdate with a friend or social gathering at least once or twice a month. Mireille and I have been friends since high school and its always great catching up with my beautiful friend. Jax loves little June and they had a blast playing outside. Here are some insights about playdates and why you should definitely have them…


Babies and tots don’t really play with each other until they are two years old. Young toddlers do “parallel play,” which means they sit near each other and play with different toys. Still keeping a eye on each other. They learn to interact with other kids and social skills, that are really importent for your child’s development. Let toddlers decide how much to interact with each other and how much to explore on their own.


My guide for setting up a successful playdate:

At the beginning of the playdate, its best if the mommies get down on the floor with the kids to set the right tone of the playdate, being available close-by for supervision and conflict resolution, and stepping in when someone seems tired, hungry, or needs to go to the potty.

It’s best to have your first playdate from about 6 months or when baby can sit on his/her own.

Planning the play date in advance will help it go more smoothly. Try to schedule it at a time when both children are well rested, have recently eaten and are generally more likely to be in a good mood.


Provide yummy and healthy snacks, but make sure you check with the other moms to make sure your snacks won’t offset their children’s mealtime. Set out bowls of halved strawberries, small dried apple pieces, whole grain crackers and perhaps some yummie cookies.

Supply enough toys so that each child has a variety to choose from, but not so many that they’re overloaded with choices. Duplicate toys are a good idea, but be prepared for one child to claim both! The perfect opportunity to start and teach your tod about sharing.




Playdates are also the perfect opportunity to dress your little munchkin  in the cutest outfit and show of a little. Playdates are fun. Good company, good conversations, and cute babies. How can it be anything, but fun? Go on, give a friend or two a call now and arrange that play date!

Mumu hugs and kisses, Elizabeth xoxo


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