Jax & Jill. 5 ingredient frozen yogurt sarmies.

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I like easy…  I like recipe hacks… The odd shortcut every now and then never hurt anyone in the kitchen…
Our lives are overwhelming at the moment so if we can find ways to simplify, slow down and make things easy, why don’t we?

I decided to dedicate these blog posts to 5 ingredient recipes, using store cupboard essentials (the best quality I can find), locally available and that allow us to create wholesome tasty food for the family with minimum effort but maximum flavor and of course that WOW factor.


With summer time and school holidays rapidly approaching, days become long; kids become bored and peckish.  I remember as a kid opening the fridge every 5 minutes and sadly nothing miraculously grew between fridge forage intervals!


Hopefully this quick and simple frozen yogurt sarmie will keep you and the kids busy and your bellies satisfied.  This was a bit of an experiment in assembly rather than cooking or baking.   I think it came together quite nicely…


So where to start…

Line your baking tin with a double layer of cling film.  This makes it easier to take your slab of frozen yogurt out of the tin.


I love using the heavenly organic St Dairy yogurts (no fridge should be without it).  They are 100% natural and lactose free.   I blended the strawberry yogurt at a low speed to smooth the texture.  Whilst preparing, I discovered a punnet of almost over ripe strawberries.  Not wanting to waste, I pulverized them in my blender on high for about 2 minutes and was rewarded with an intense strawberry puree.  I drizzled the puree into the smooth yogurt, creating a delightful contrast in flavours.  The creaminess of the yogurt set against sharp pockets of frozen puree.

Pop your yogurt into the freezer and allow to set.  Don’t overfill the tin and place it on a level surface in the freezer to set it as evenly as possible.   An ice cream like texture can be achieved by “churning” – stirring the setting yogurt every hour or so.    

ice cream 1

Once the slab has frozen solid, the fun begins!!  Assembling your frozen yogurt sarmie!  Grab the tennis biscuits, chocolate and 100’s and 1000’s.


Break your chocolate into a microwaveable container and microwave at 30-second intervals at a medium heat.  Stir every time you take the chocolate out the microwave.  Chocolate burns easily.  Stirring allows the heat to distribute evenly.  Once completely melted, set-aside to cool, but not set.  We want to use it for dunking!


Using the outline of your tennis biscuit cut your yogurt slab into equal size blocks.  Torch the top of your square to secure the biscuit in place.  Flip, and repeat on the other side.  Voila your sarmie is ready.

Now for WOW.

The messy bit…



Dunk one half of your sarmie in the melted chocolate and then sprinkle with the 100’s and 1000’s.  Place your sarmie on cooling rack and allow to drip dry!

TAH Dah…  A fun food for lazy days and holidays…

How you choose to eat it, well that’s up to you…  Shove it in your pie hole, eat it in the swimming pool or sit on the grass and let the melting yogurt run riot down the sides of your mouth…  So long as you enjoy it…




ps… I had a little leftover of both yogurt and puree and turned these into thimble like popsicles…  I ate mine for breakfast… Indulgent? Perhaps… But after all my popsicle was just fruit and yogurt…



Photos: F.J from Eye poetry photography


Jill is a part time business owner, full time day dreamer… with a love for all things bright and beautiful, delighting in South African design, art and manufacture… a passion for real good food and baking the odd cupcake every now and then… cookbook devourer and food magazine junkie… “oh cats, I just love cats and of course baby Jax… xoxo”

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