Jax these days- 22 months

June 27, 2017 0 Comments

My sweet baby boy Jax Kaleb. Well.. he is not a baby anymore and turning into a beautiful little boy. Soon we will be approaching the “terrible two’s mark. MMmm I have to say I’m not sure what that means, but we have days that I’m sure he is two or terrible already, hehe.



Jax these days:

  1. He still doesn’t eat broccoli, after his famous broccoli video…. maybe my fault
  2. Strawberries, berries, bananas is his favourite food by far.
  3. He is not big on sweets ( thank goodness. I have a really big sweet tooth, eeek) He does love Rascals, after his great Gran introduced it to him. Thanx Granny Mary. xo
  4. Even though he doesn’t eat alot of sweets, he loves chips…
  5. Anything with wheels is his favourite!
  6. He is a typical boy. Fast cars, dirt and crazy stunts he is definitely into
  7. He talks non stop. He definitely doesn’t say alot of real words yet that we can figure out. But he has mastered his Jax language very well. It kind of sound a bit Hawaiian.
  8. His dad is his Hero! Hugo travels a lot and he suffers from separation anxiety. (That sounds really dramatic) Still so true. If his dad is away he will runs towards other dads. Whenever Hugo returns from a long trip, he is so happy and excited the whole time. They have an amazing bond.
  9. Changing a nappy and putting on shoes is the end of the world.
  10. He sleeps in his big boy bed and is a really good sleeper.
  11. He must play outside at least two times a day!
  12. Ouma El is his best friend. She spoils him and he loves playing in her car for hours.
  13. Any kind of action is his thing!
  14. He jumps of the bed with his blue bike….(You can imagine my face everytime)
  15. Sharing is not a problem for him.
  16. Jax is a very social little boy. Even though he still plays alone mostly, he loves people.
  17. I am sure any toddler can be stubborn….And just like most toddlers, he is not very nice when he is tired or hungry.
  18. Jax is very lovable and gives hugs away to everyone that needs one.
  19. He knows he is cute!
  20. He is a milk connoisseur. Just by looking at his bottle he can tell if you are trying to trick him with another kind of milk.
  21. From a very, very young age, Jax has always been a happy baby. He laughs alot and most of the time he is happy.
  22. Every morning he checks himself out in the mirror. He acts out all his different facial expressions in the mirror.
  23. Music makes him even more happy!
  24. Everybody always tells me, “boy he is so busy!”
  25. He still has the sweetest, kindest and most joyful personality. My sweetie pie, “Tjoekels Jaxie”




We love you so much…. Mommy & Daddy