Be Bold in Black and White

November 11, 2016 0 Comments

Simple and striking, there’s no colour combination more timeless than black and white. Dare to be bold with these monochrome abstract and geometric prints. All-white sneakers are a must for any busy mom’s summer wardrobe and Nordstrom are another great online shopping experience. Lullaby rock have the coolest clothing and accessories for boys and girls that are a bit more edgy 🙂 I am so in love with a brand I found online, Zana products. They have trendy fabrics and amazing products that will make great gifts for Christmas. Be sure to check out their baby cot bedding, definitely something different. Being a camera collector myself, who doesn’t want a instant film camera? So vintage but designed in a new modern way. Definitely a must in your holiday bag. Superbalist stock a wide range Fuji cameras in some delicious colours.


  1. Baby romper
  2. Adidas sneakers
  3. Boys cap
  4. Instant camera
  5. Fabric pouch

Happy shopping mumu’s. Be bold and be you.