Jax & Friends. Niknaks, tantrums, dinosaurs and pretty toys.

June 11, 2017 0 Comments

Jax had a playdate with one of my beautiful friends, Chrisoula’s boys, Alexi & Luca


I brought some of the toys along that are available in my online shop.

Alexi is one of my favourite kids and I have always say that he can do nothing wrong in my eyes. He has a strong will, is busy like any boy should be and is very lovable. He notices small details and has an amazing memory. Alexi loved playing with the ABC toy and figured it out very quickly.

Luca has always just been the sweetest little boy with the most adorable blonde curls. He is such a good little boy when ever I go over and he just smiled for photos and played very quietly with his toys.


Jax loved these two boys’ energy and everything Alexi did he found funny. He was more interested in the boys big collection of dinosaurs then his moms pretty toys.

Chris and I had a few minute to catch up between the tantrums and busy boys. We had tea and Niknaks… amazing combination, by the way.

Of course I had to take a few photos of the boys and I was glad to see the enjoyed playing with the toys.

I still am in love with the pretty toy collection and wooden toys are just the best! Have you ever bought a plastic toy for your child one week and found it has already broken the next?

Wooden toys are an amazing for developing many skills for your children. Also they are practical, easy to clean, no chemicals made to make them and will last a lot longer than their plastic counterparts.


I have recently teamed up with an amazing husband and wife team, Olivia and Karel Botha.

Olivia designed a line of home wear and kiddies products exclusively for Mumu & Me. Her husband, Karel is a very skilled craftsman and together we developed a range of beautiful and educational wooden toys.

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