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October 13, 2016 2 Comments

This lovely lady is a true  inspiration, she is humble and down to earth, meet Rone Verster.


Rone is a wife, mother of two and a successful business woman all wrapped up in one.  As if this doesn’t keep her busy enough, this inspirational mumu  is a Mrs South Africa finalist for 2016. A fierce women that carries herself with a humble and quiet grace.



 Rone is a woman with a purpose and today she is sharing her story and we hope that it will inspire you as much as she has inspired us…

1.      Tell us a bit about you and your family?

I’m Rone Verster and I’m 33 years young. I’m married to Harold Verster and we have two little girls (Age 3 and 4).  I’m originally from Cape Town, but I fell in love with a Free State boy and got married and moved to Bloemfontein.

2.      Why did you decide to enter the Mrs South Africa competition?

I always knew about the competition but I decided to enter the competition when a previous Mrs. South Africa suggested that entering the competition would be a fantastic platform for me as a business woman and also a woman with purpose.  After we spoke about it, a seed was planted.  I started to think about it, reading up about it and following Mrs. South Africa on various platforms.  I then spoke to my husband about it, and got his blessing and then I decided that this will be the year I enter the Mrs. South African competition.


 3.      What is your go-to tool to keep all the roles in your life in balance?

I’ve got various role models, mentors and coaches in my life to make sure that I keep a balance between being a mother, a wife and in my career.  I have a circle of close people that I trust and that I can go to, people that help me to live a balanced life and not steer too much in one direction. I will say these people are my go-to tools in life.

4.      When you have some spare time (as rare as it may be) what do you do for “me” time to recharge?

Believe it or not, I actually do love going for a jog, that really is a form of recharging.  Because I get energy from it and because I feel great after a good long jog.Or otherwise making some coffee and taking a good book to bed is also a good way of spending “me” time.

5.      What is a good example of a healthy day’s worth of eating for you and your family?

I believe that is vital as a mother to serve your children with a good plate of food every day.  And breakfast is the start of the day so during the week I will make them a big bowl of porridge, they absolutely love porridge and over the weekends we will try to have an English breakfast.  I also like giving my children healthy snacks in between meals like nuts and fruits.  Luckily for me my children aren’t picky eaters, they even like vegetables. I therefor enjoy cooking for them and it’s always served with a healthy portion of proteins.  Instead of cool drinks with loads of sugar, I try to get them to drink more water.


6.      There must be an enormous amount of pressure to constantly look amazing. How do you manage to maintain your beautiful looks?

If you decide to enter a platform like Mrs. South Africa, you do put yourself out there for people to judge you on either the way you look, what you wear, your intelligence or the way that you balance your lifestyle. It’s part of the package and it does take planning but it is definitely possible.

7.      How do you stay in shape after having two kids?

I like to exercise and be fit.  It’s a vital part of my lifestyle and it’s something that is important for me as a person. I believe it’s important for a mother to look and feel good after she had children.

At the end of the day we are our children’s role models and we want them to be proud of us, and most importantly we want to be able to have the energy to play with them and have some fun with them.


8.      What do you consider as a challenge in your life?

The challenge in my life and I believe in most of people’s lives these days, are really, to keep a good balance in life.  And that is why I have mentors and coaches in my life to help me stay on track.  In modern society and in various aspects in our busy lives that we need to cover, like our careers, being a mommy, looking after the households, being a wife, social media and all of the things in our lives that takes up so much of our time. It really is important to live a balanced lifestyle.


9.      What is your moto in life?

My moto in life is really easy… It is “Never say Never”. Never limit yourself in thinking that you can’t do something.  We limit ourselves so many times because we don’t believe in ourselves.  If we can just move out of our comfort zone, there is so much possibility.  Human beings are amazingly put together, there really are no limits to what we can achieve.  But if you keep limiting yourself, you will never know what your possibilities are.


 10.  What is your favourite part of being a mommy?

Hands down… just playing with my kids.  I love chasing them around, playing hide and seek, laughing together, kissing them, I just love it when my children are happy and when they laugh. That is my everything, that fuels me and it’s absolutely my favourite part of being a mommy. Just playing with them, loving them, cuddling them and seeing the joy on their faces.

We wish Rone all of the best for the crowning taking place on the 21st of October 2016 at the Emperor’s Palace in Johannesburg.

Written by Nadia du Toit

Photography: Elizabeth J 


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    October 13, 2016

    Well done on yet another beautiful post! Always a pleasure reading and viewing the posts! Keep up the good work! Xxx

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    October 13, 2016

    Well done on yet another post! Keep up the wonderful work! Xxx