Prep your skin for winter with Kudu Cosmetica

April 17, 2017 0 Comments

I recently discovered an amazing local product, Kudu cosmetica, and boy am I glad, just in time for winter. Summer months are usually harsh for your skin, with all the time spent outdoors in the sun and the seasonal change from summer to fall can take its toll on your skin.

Definitely a lover of all things natural. Some natural products I have used in the past were really strong and harsh on my skin and lead to breakouts. I have a very sensitive skin that can be dry and at the same time oily, trust me it’s possible! So when I tried Kudu for the first time, I have to admit I was a bit nervous not looking forward to any nasty breakouts and redness. I was definitely pleasantly surprised! The oils and serum moisturized my skin without feeling oily or sticky. No harsh feeling or burning sensation. It just went on really easy and no funny or strong smells as it is fragrance and preservative free.

My skin felt soft and just really natural.

The reason I also love using anything natural and were searching for the best natural skin products is because of my experience during pregnancy. My skin definitely react toward any hormonal changes. Most expensive non-natural skin products contains retinal and are a big no-no during pregnancy! Please look out for this ingredient during pregnancy.

After experiencing a miscarriage during my first pregnancy (not that skin product were the cause), I still was determine to use anything natural and made sure I did everything the right way when I was pregnant with Jax. Non the less my skin was not great during pregnancy and I truly wished I discovered Kudu sooner.

I love using South African products that are especially designed for our climate. Some of the bigger beauty brands are made n Europe, Brazil, America enc. and are formulated specifically for those countries weather conditions.

My winter-prep, plan of action:

Kudu Bio Active Hydration serum

Just use a few drops every day with your moisturizer. It is also a great way to prep your skin before applying make up and makes your skin feels smooth and moisturized.

It contains amazing ingredients that increase skin elasticity,boost your skin’s natural collagen production, wound healing properties, helps with blemishes and restore elasticity.

(star ingredients: Squalane oil, Gotu Kola, Aloe Ferox, Marula oil and Rosehip seed oil.)



Kudu Squalane oil

You can also use this twice a day or maybe 4 times a week as a add on to help with the winter skin prepping…

What I love about this oil, is that it does not make my skin feel oily and leave oily spots on pillows! My skin absorbs the oil perfectly and it just feels light with no irritation.

It promotes skin elasticity and moisture retention, improves texture and has anti-aging properties.

Squalane is  produced naturally by the body that starts to decline in our mid-twenties, thus contributing to dry skin.

PS: Works great even on your hair!

Kudu Masque

Use the mask ones a week. I love to do this Sunday nights for a great start to the new week.

This skin mask is great for deep cleansing impurities, breakouts and pores.

It contains Rooibos extracts (proudly South African) that are a must for those dreaded hormonal breakouts and acne.

Whats even more amazing about these product is that it really feels and looks expensive, but are totally affordable. So mommies feel free to treat yourself.

and lastly…


Staying hydrated

Remember, as the weather gets colder many of us reduce our water intake. One of the secrets for retaining good skin condition  is maintaining that liquid intake. Don’t forget that herbal teas count towards your water intake as your body doesn’t have to work so hard to remove toxins. Lemon water is also a good alternative.

Hello winter:)


Elizabeth xox