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The search for the Perfect Mom Bag. Meet The Sofia bag from Freedom of Movement

December 7, 2017 0 Comments

I was looking a long time for a perfect mom bag. Definitely on my list was: Stylish, timeless, simple, practical and amazing quality. Also a mommy bag  to fit it all : diapers, bottles, endless snacks for my toddler, wipes , change of clothes for baby and Jax, water bottle and a sippy cup, a couple of toys for a long car drive and my own belongings of course!

I hate diaper bags! They can be so ugly and how can you call it an accessory..? So a classic, stylish mommy bag is the better choice!

When I was pregnant with Jax, the mistake a made when searching for a diaper bag, was not investing in a high quality one that I could even use after diapers. Im not one for changing bags with every outfit. So I love something that is timeless and matches every outfit.

After researching and looking at a lot of bags, Hugo (hubby) and I decided on The Sofia bag from a local brand, Freedom of Movement. (And happy Birthday to me…. thanks my love)

This bag is beautiful, high quality and practical. A bit pricy, but something that will last you al lifetime. We believe in less is more and quality over quantity. SO much better to buy something that is a bit more pricy, but that you only need one of and can carry it for a very long time, opposed to buying one cheap item every year. (much more expensive)

diaper bag

mom diaper bag

Some tips when deciding on a mommy bag:

  1. First look at your needs and your lifestyle. Do you have a toddler and a new born? What do you carry with you on a daily bases? Do you travel often?
  2. Find something that you can use after diapers.
  3. A bag that matches your personal style, but will also stay in style for a long time to come. Classic is key.
  4. Comfy straps, that wont fall of, are strong and easy to carry.
  5. Enough compartments, so its easy to find something and your bag stays need and tidy.
  6. A minimal design is important to carry it at all occasions. All from playdates to picnics. It also needs to be gender neutral for dad to feel just as comfortable as mom wearing it. (Be nice to daddy..hehe)

Happy shopping mommies. I hope you find the perfect bag that would make life easier for you and baby.

Elizabeth xoxox

Photos: Go Urban Photography

mom bag