Simple Living with Grace

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When it comes to simple living the aim is to create an environment in which we can be at peace with our surroundings, where we can create and live moments of great joy, and where we can truly feel at home.

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When we strive for simple living we need to shift our focus from acquiring possessions to display in our homes to creating experiences that we can live out in our homes. What matters is the quality of experiences, and not the quantity of items we gather.

To create such an environment in which you can feel at home,  be perfectly at peace, and still have both comfort and practical necessities is at the heart of simple living, and requires a change in mind-set as well as a thorough understanding of your wants and needs.

By understanding your needs and living within your means, you can create an environment of peace that is free of stress and fear and pressure, and which allows you and your family to live as you should.
Forget the wants and focus on the needs, as to have true peace in your home, your greatest desires must be your basic needs. When you live with a sense of gratitude, every blessing becomes that much sweeter, and if you really want your house to be your ‘home-sweet-home’, there is no better way to do it than to fill it with gratitude and love.

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n a practical sense, the goal is to create a space that you are comfortable in, that you can afford, that is easy to maintain, and that is as easy and as hassle free as possible.
By limiting the unnecessary stresses of everyday life and focusing on the goodness and simplicity of the world around us, we are afforded a peace that is lost in the hustle and bustle of modern life.

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Here are some easy to follow tips to create an easy going ‘simple living’ inspired home.

1-      Keep it light and airy. This will create natural warmth and a healthy clean feeling throughout your home.

2-      Focus on your needs and keep your budget in mind at all times. If you don’t need something, simply don’t purchase it.

3-      Minimise clutter and open up spaces in your home. Human beings need space to breathe and be ourselves, and by having an open and spacious feeling home, we are afforded the chance to do just that.

4-      Follow lifestyle values, not trends. Trends come and go, but a good quality of life is timeless.

5-      Create an environment of peace and happiness. We fill our homes with what we feel and what we think. It just makes sense to fill your home with all the happiness and peace that you deserve.

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