Turning A New Leaf

October 26, 2016 0 Comments

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner, and everywhere we look, the world is being reinvigorated with fresh and vibrant colours. Why not take this opportunity to bring the freshness of summer into your home with a few simple and easy to implement changes.


Since the wonderfully talented editor of Mumu and Me, Elizabeth, asked me to write a piece on decor for her blog, I could hardly contain my excitement to share with you some insights about nursery styling.  Nurseries are without a doubt the best room in the house, because here the “rules” don’t apply! This means that you won’t need to redo your entire home, and can just focus on this one little space, breathing freshness and timeless style into this most special of spaces. After all, who spends more time in the nursery than you?


For the new season, we’ll be taking a leaf out of the history pages, and even one or two from nature just to freshen things up and to add a lively contrast that works so well.

Let us begin with the timeless decor combination of BLUSH & ROSE GOLD and add a fresh twist by introducing the trendy deep emerald Tropical Leaf to this already gorgeous colour combination.



By introducing the emerald green leaf prints into the space, you are adding colour, vibrance, and a touch of the splendour of the outdoors to the sophistication and elegance of the blush and rose gold base colours.



These colours compliment each other well and work to create a calming and peaceful environment for both you and baby, not to mention that your little one will be at the forefront of the latest fashion trends. I couldn’t help but fall in love with this colour pallet, and I’m sure you won’t be able to either.

So, here is how we go about turning your baby room into a sanctuary of peace and high fashion.


An effortless way of introducing this amazing design element into the nursery is trough patterns and prints.  You will be pleased to find that just one tropical leaf pattern scatter cushion will immediately bring the theme across and will suffice if you are wary of going all out Jungle. Another cleaver way of bringing this bold pattern across would be to hang a print of it above the changing table or crib.  Not only will it provide a stunning focal point in the room, but will keep baby fascinated.




 Placing an indoor plant in the nursery is a sure way of introducing the tropical theme to the interior.  By adding indoor plants you are creating a calming, yet intriguing atmosphere, and since your baby could spend up to half its day in the nursery, why not make it the healthiest environment possible. Adding plants to a baby’s nursery, it naturally purifies the air, while being the perfect accent to the room.



 When striving to create a fresh new environment, what beter way than to add natural, woven textures to the nursery? These will ground the trend and compliment the soft tones of the blush and rose gold, while adding texture and life to the space.  It also provides you with an opportunity to create loads of storage space for toys, scatters, blankies, etc.



 Metallic surfaces are great for that ‘wow factor’ or even just for a pop of something different, as they vorm great points of interest. They will add a subtle contrast to the natural tones and keep you and baby intrigued for months, while not overpowering the less striking elements used in the space.



When designing your nursery, whether for a boy or a girl, there really is only one rule…have FUN, for this room should bring you and your little one years of joyful memories!


  1. Palm Leaf Embroidery Scatter Cushion @ Woolworths – R 299.00
  2. Plascon – Marshmellow Pink
  3. Rose Gold Geometric Wire Clock @ Game – R 290.00
  4. Palm Leaf Scatter Cushion @ Woolworths – R 199.00
  5. Embroidery Zig Zag Scatter Cushion @ Mr. Price Home – R 299.99
  6. Halina Basket Table – Country Road @ Woolworths – R 1399.00
  7. Unisex Cross Blanket – Country Road @ Woolworths – R 379.00
  8. Metallic Spot Scatter Cushion @ Woolworths – R 170.00
  9. Organza Rose Scatter Cushion @ Mr. Price Home – R 79.99
  10. Unisex Cross Bunny @ Woolworths – R 199.00
  11. Plascon – Emerald Green
  12. Blush Metallic Scatter Cushion @ Mr. Price Home – R 99.99
  13. Paton Copper Xl Frame – Country Road @ Woolworths – R 349.00 Paton Copper Med. Frame – Country Road @ Woolworths – R 229.00
  14. Round Water Hyacinth Tray @ Woolworths – R 375.00
  15. Water Hyacinth Basket @ Woolworths – R 150.00
  16. Nest Tall Brass Basket @ Woolworths – R 1099.00

Happy Styling!



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